Fun with Captcha!

Today I was trying to get access to an online account and couldn’t quite get the password right. Because I got it wrong, I had to do Captcha. What I’m about to share is not a parody. It’s what happened.

I thought I might have trouble with the text-based challenge.

So, I thought I’d try the audio challenge. Here’s the unaltered audio I was supposed to be able to decipher.

My favorite part, of course is “..bergianfoenfios.once again.maoruangisokudsiof…”

This, by the way, was Google.


One thought on “Fun with Captcha!

  1. I am glad they gave you an alternative because clearly it made a difference🤣🤣🤣. I had my speaker on and a friend was nearby and heard the audio as well as my laughter. When I explained we continued laughter.

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