Book Study

So glad to see so many old friends and new friends at the WHITE FRAGILITY book study.

If you have any friends who would like to join us who weren’t aware of the first meeting, please do invite them. Ask them to visit this page and sign up here. That just helps me get the right number of chairs, tables, water, etc.

The little study guide thing is here. I revised it a bit to show we will cover Chapters 4-8 on October 10.

By the way, I think the fairly loose discussion on Sept 19 was ideal (at least for me) for a first meeting. Someone suggested that we do focus a bit more on the content of the book next time and I think that’s a good call. So, take a look at the questions on the study guide and see if they serve your needs.

Here’s the link to the PBS interview with Robin DiAngelo, which someone mentioned tonight.

Here’s a collaborative page. It’s just a page on the web where any of you should be able to follow the link and just type on the page as if you are writing in Word or something.

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